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Fire - Could You Understand Me

Fire - Could You Understand Me (1973)

 01 Could You Understand Me (Jura Havidić) - 3:31
 02 Dedicated To Love (Feuer / DUIC) - 2:58
 03 Memory Of You (DUIC / Jura Havidić) - 4:58
 04 jedan Divan Dan (A Wonderfull Day) (Miljenko Balić / Jura Havidić) - 7.20
 05. Hey You (Jura Havidić) - 6.26
 06. Where Are You (Emil Vugrinec) - 3.16
 07. Flames (Feuer) - 8: 44

Jura Havidić - guitars, vocals
Miljenko Balić - bass
Emil Vugrinec - drums, vocals

The only album of Croatian power-trio Fire from the city Čakovec.
One of the most difficult and high-profile group of Yugoslavia 70 years.
But they were little known ... Because, first, they sang mostly in English.
Secondly, the government is prohibited from speaking to them just
as the group was uncompromising and did not go to any negotiations
with the authorities (including about fees).


So they simply went to Holland, where recorded and released the album.
But concerts in Holland and Germany were not successful,
at the end of the 1976 they returned home, where they recorded the single "If You're Alone",
which is quite a good fit in the concept of pre-recorded LP. 
But then strange things started happening – they entered a strange symbiosis 
with a band Demoni, and for some time even played entitled Demoni - Fire, 
but in the end that setup again was just called Demoni.

 ====== DEMONI ======

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